Unlocking your Authentic Brand

Discovering your Brand

Delivering your Authentic Identity to the World



K Wood Communications expertise extend beyond the conventional branding process for corporate and personal branding.


Living in a world of information overload, K Wood Communications is dedicated to unlocking your brand and building a strong authentic brand by giving it a voice, mission and purpose.


Your brand equates to Your Promise to the world. 


Whether you are starting out as an Entrepreneur or Building a Corporation, we help you by building a Branding Strategy which will be your Guiding Compass in the way your company is perceived by others. 


When it comes to Personal Branding, we dig deep and discover your Authentic Brand through the Art of Coaching and Personal Discovery, covering topics from: What makes you authentic to what gives you an edge. 


When it comes to Corporate Branding, we walk you through the process of building a powerful and authentic brand that shows the world your edge and promise. 


We will also help you to create a Consistent Brand Story, which may be used as a guide by all employees.


Through a variety of skills including Life Coaching to Design Thinking, an unlocking of a vision and Strong Authentic Brand is born. 




Kickstart Branding
  • Branding Strategy 

  • Social Media Strategy 

Premium Branding
  • Branding Strategy

  • Corporate Identity Design Kits 

  • Social Media Strategy 

  • One month of social media content.



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